Frequently Asked Questions


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To ensure the smooth operation of our in-house logistics, packages left uncollected beyond 7 days from the billed date will incur a daily storage fee of JMD $70. If an item remains unclaimed after 15 days, ON-THE-GO Logistics reserves the right to sell the item to offset freight costs.

It’s simple – complete the registration process with us, and your personalized address will be promptly provided.

The registration process is entirely free. Enjoy our services without any charges.

Join our exclusive membership for $3000 JMD monthly and unlock benefits such as discounts, free delivery, and participation in our seasonal promotional giveaways. Elevate your experience with us!

Jamaica Customs applies duties to items exceeding $50 USD in value.

Refer to our rate sheets and use our calculator to get an estimate of the cost for your package.

Log onto your dashboard, where you’ll find three (3) different statuses.

Shipping without a credit card is no problem. Our credit card service is at your disposal, facilitating purchases for a nominal fee of just 5% of the total item cost. A hassle-free option for your convenience.

Regrettably, we currently do not offer package return services. We appreciate your understanding and are continuously working towards enhancing our services to meet your needs.

To collect your package, all you need is your identification card. If someone is collecting on your behalf, simply send us an email or a WhatsApp message, granting them permission. We prioritize your security and ensure a seamless collection process.